The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola

Since the Second Vatican Council, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola have been the subject of extensive research leading to a renewal of the way the Spiritual Exercises are practiced.

In recent years Georgetown University, at the invitation of President John J. DeGioia, has brought in leading experts in this renewal to put on record their understandings and personal perspectives on the history of this renewal, on the dynamics of the Exercises, and on new developments in the practice of the Exercises.

Through these videos Georgetown now offers the resulting interviews to a wider public, including those who are just becoming acquainted with the Spiritual Exercises as well as those well versed in the Exercises who are searching for greater insights.

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These videos were produced for Georgetown by Frank Frost Productions.

DVDs of The Spiritual Exercises: Renewal and Dynamics can be purchased from The Institute of Jesuit Sources.  Contact information: E-mail, phone (314) 633-4622, or fax (314) 633-4623.

The Videos

Disc One: Renewal of the Spiritual Exercises

Rediscovery and Renewal Part 1 (25 min)
Jesuit pioneers in the 20th-century renewal of the Spiritual Exercises relate their personal experiences in their introduction to the guided retreat.

Rediscovery and Renewal Part 2 (17 min)
The same Jesuit pioneers discuss the guided retreat movement that grew from training programs they instituted and witnessed.

Emerging Role of the Laity (27 min)
Jesuit leaders in the renewal of the Spiritual Exercises discuss the evolution of lay leadership in the practice of giving the Spiritual Exercises.

Disc Two – Dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises

Dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises (37 min)
The essential dynamics of the Spiritual Exercises are discussed from the different perspectives of Fathers John O’Malley, George Aschenbrenner, John Padberg, and William Barry.