Reflections on this Moment in our Nation

To the Members of our Georgetown University Community:

I write to share with you reflections on the unfolding events in our nation. In previous messages, I have offered my perspective on the importance of civility in discourse and in our interactions with one another. I have shared the responsibilities that come with our aspiration for a just society and the commitment we have to the common good.

During the presidential election campaign, and in recent years, we have faced moments of division in our nation. We have learned through painful experience that we must deepen our respect for one another and our engagement in the work for justice. We have sought solidarity and the realization of our nation’s founding promise of equality for all people.

Today, we must again accept the responsibility to bring the resources of our University into engagement with the challenges in our nation.

These are the resources of the Academy—our intellectual engagement through discovery and dialogue, and the construction, critique, and sharing of knowledge.

These are the resources of our heritage as a Catholic and Jesuit institution, and of the many religious and spiritual traditions that we embrace at our University.

And these are the resources of a community—of our Georgetown community—shaped by diversity, a care for one another, and an unwavering commitment to human dignity and the common good.

All of our students, faculty, and staff are deeply valued members of this community.

Let us bring forth the resources of our University, in support of one another, and in our work together toward a more just and inclusive society.


John J. DeGioia