Invitation to A Moment of Reflection: Pursuing Justice Together

April 21, 2021

Dear Members of the Georgetown University Community:

I wish to invite our community to a gathering of reflection and prayer this evening at 6:00 PM EDT.

Since May 25, the day when George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, we have joined in solidarity with others across the globe in an agonizing effort to come to terms with his death at the hands of an officer of the law. These past months have stirred the deepest and most painful emotions as we have sought the causes of the cruelty—the persistent violence that is a scourge of our nation. Too often, this violence is inflicted upon our Black communities—the enduring legacy of the original fault line of our Republic—slavery and subsequent segregation.

Yesterday’s verdict—guilty on all counts—offers an opportunity to reflect on the responsibilities we have for one another—a moment that demands the very best from each of us. We must reaffirm both our connections and our convictions as a people, particularly our commitment to justice. Can the civic spirit that has been present throughout these past eleven months strengthen us as we now take our next tentative steps beyond this tragedy?

There is urgent work we must do to create a stronger community that rejects racism and discrimination and sustains a culture of belonging. Our existing work has provided a foundation for these efforts. But, going forward, these efforts—and we ourselves—must resolve to meet the needs of our community and the challenges that will come our way.

I hope that you will join us virtually this evening for a moment of reflection and prayer with our community as we continue the pursuit of racial justice.


John J. DeGioia