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Conflict Resolution Initiative

From Darfur to Iraq to Washington D.C., disputes over politics, culture, resources, and religion have given rise to the need for new and creative approaches to resolving conflict. While deeply-rooted conflicts are often not fully resolved, they may be transformed from heated or violent disputes into more manageable, peaceful forms.  

As a Catholic and Jesuit institution with a deep tradition of service and educating “women and men for others,”  Georgetown is committed to equipping students with the tools and resources necessary to better understand the nature of, and solutions to, many types and degrees of conflict.  Faculty members from across a multitude of disciplines are leading these efforts, which serve to empower students, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners with the knowledge and tools to advance more peaceful international relations.

Conflict to Peace: Innovative Approaches to Peacebuilding

‘From Conflict to Peace: Innovative Approaches to Peacebuilding’ is a major international conference co-hosted by the Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution program at Georgetown University and Georgetown University’s Office of the President. It will be held on Georgetown’s historic campus in Washington, D.C. September 7-9, 2011. The event will serve as an intellectual gathering of students, faculty, and practitioners in the field of conflict resolution.

Discussion panels at the conference are set to include:

Finally, there are three distinct opportunities being offered as part of the conference: a photographic essay competition sponsored by the Program on Justice and Peace at Georgetown University, an academic poster competition sponsored by Georgetown’s Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution, and an academic essay competition sponsored by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University. Given the interdisciplinary focus of the event, individuals studying the intersection of conflict resolution with other sectors are especially encouraged to apply.

Questions regarding the conference and all submissions may be sent to:

Call for Submissions: Essay Competition
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Call for Submissions: Photographic Essay Competition
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Call for Submissions: Poster Competition
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